🌊 bulma (her royal highness, dame). 🎂 35. 💍 engaged.
🌺 millennial, child of the internet. 👑 dab (stoner) queen.
🕶 connoisseur, gamist, weeb, writer, roleplayer, web designer.
🌙 hot mess, night owl, mental health advocate, yogi & empath.
🐉 suffers from depression, anxiety, ocpd/ocd, insomnia, ptsd & epilepsy.

🎮: Final Fantasy X (remaster) (paused).
📺: The Bear,
Misc. Let's Plays & documentaries.
💻: Hanging out, the usual.
👩: Working on self-care & therapy & health.


I am just really struggling right now. All of my symptoms are up, being poor sucks, and therapy is very difficult. I am eating better, drinking less, exercising more, not napping, trying to enjoy hobbies, and be a better partner. It's all very frustrating, honestly.