🌊 bulma (her royal highness, dame). 🎂 35. 💍 engaged.
🌺 millennial, child of the internet. 👑 dab (stoner) queen.
🕶 connoisseur, gamist, weeb, writer, roleplayer, web designer.
🌙 hot mess, night owl, mental health advocate, yogi & empath.
🐉 suffers from depression, anxiety, ocpd, insomnia, ptsd & epilepsy.

🎮: Final Fantasy XVI,
Final Fantasy X (remaster).
📺: The Bear, Better Call Saul,
David Cronenberg movies,
Misc. Let's Plays & documentaries.
💻: Dropping memes & lurking, the usual.
👩: Working on self-care.


I am in an anxiety & obsessive trait rut (along with a mixture of my usual other symptoms). I haven't been as productive as I'd like to be, but I am using my free time to self-care as much as possible. ENDR is difficult, and I've only done one session of it so far. Looking forward to changing that soon.

Instead of being anxious and wasting my time, I've been trying to game & watch tv/movies and enjoy them (which isn't always easy). It's been nice (especially replaying Final Fantasy X).