🌊 bulma (her royal highness, dame). 🎂 34. 💍 engaged.
🌺 millennial, child of the internet. 👑 dab (stoner) queen.
🕶 connoisseur, writer, roleplayer, web designer, gamist, weeb.
🌙 hot mess, night owl, mental health advocate, yogi & empath.
🐉 suffers from depression, anxiety, ocpd, insomnia, ptsd & epilepsy.

🎮: Nothing.
📺: Misc. Let's Plays & documentaries.
💻: Trying to be a good partner.
👩: Yay, life sucks.


Struggling through a very hard spell; I am trying to work on myself and started going to the gym with 'geta. I'm also trying to eat better, and have gotten into good Chinese teas thanks to my friend 'Renti.