🌊 bulma (her royal highness, dame). 🎂 36. 💍 engaged. 📃 more?
🌺 millennial, child of the internet. 👑 dab (stoner) queen.
🕶 connoisseur, gamist, weeb, writer, roleplayer, web designer.
🌙 hot mess, night owl, mental health advocate, yogi & empath.
🐉 suffers from depression, anxiety, ocpd/ocd, insomnia, ptsd & epilepsy.

🎮: Super Mario Odyssey,
Persona 3 (remake, replay),
The Wolf Among Us.
📺: BoJack Horseman (birthday rewatch),
Misc. Let's Plays & documentaries.
💻: Socializing online, roleplaying, & coding.
👩: Adjusting to a new med, working on being a better partner.

1:10 pm

I have been struggling with my energy levels & motivation, to say the least. Well, at least for the kind of thing I want to do more of but can't. Either way, I am still adapting to my new medication. I've been hanging out online, coding stuff, and playing games. My birthday was uneventful, but nice. I got many happy birthday wishes and had quite a few people send me some cash so I could order some DoorDash. My biggest goal I'm working on is doing spring cleaning, so to say, but it's been tough to get started.